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Cheese is the National Pride of the Turkish People.

Cheese is the national pride of the Turkish people. It is a must for breakfast and it does not matter if breakfast consists of 30 or only two. There is not a single Turk who does not like cheese. White freshly baked bread, olives, fresh vegetables or simply, cheese alone is a favorite product at the Turkish feast. There are more than 150 types of cheese in Turkey. Cheese is made from sheep's milk, made a little less often than goat's milk, sometimes combined, mixed with sheep or goat. Whether there is cheese depends on the color of the cheese: "fast" cheeses - white, longer lasting - yellow. There are fatty cheeses (Full fat) and medium-fat (half-fat) cheese. Turkish cheeses definitely contain salt! They can be soaked so that the salt will come out slightly and make the taste of the cheese fresher. All cheeses in Turkey are divided into two main groups: hard and soft. Each has its own name: "kashar" is the name of tighter cheeses; "bitter" is softer cheese.

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